The first 14 days of a weight loss journey is absolutely crucial. Set yourself up for success by learning how to

What you get with our plan


Phone Consultation

We will discuss your training and diet history, your goals and any more info we need so you feel confident going forwards and know exactly what to do to get yourself started.


6 Personal training sessions

Your own expert fitness coach and up to 3 other  all training together using a simple yet extremely effective workout that focuses on sculpting a strong, fit physique while burning off that stubborn fat.


Support outside the gym too

We don’t just leave you to your own devices outside of the gym sessions like many other trainers. We will be checking in on you making sure you are okay and confident with your plan and you’ll also get support from our clients in the group whatsapp.


2 Metafit Sessions

Metafit is an intense, 20-30min bodyweight based conditioning workout built to shred fat and boost your metabolism.


Private Gym

Your own fully equipped private gym. A buzzing atmosphere where everyone motivates and supports each other unlike those intimidating commercial gyms where no one even knows your name.


Fat Loss Mindset Coaching

From our combined 18 years experience we know you won’t get in shape or stay in shape unless you have the fat loss mindset. This will deal with any emotional eating habits, negative self beliefs. Plus on going support to keep you on track.

Little more about the service

Our evening clients train:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and have sessions at 6.30pm and 7.30pm.


Our daytime clients train:

Monday Wednesday, Thursday at 10am



9amCatch up session for any missed sessions in the week and

10am is the METAFIT body weight conditioning workout.


 Our gym is located at 6 The Parade, Colchester Road, RM30AQ. We are on the parade of shops through the blue gate on the left to dominos on the A12 opposite the Esso petrol station.

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Clients about us

14 Day Kick Start

  • 6 PT sessions (£150 value)
  • 2 Metafit Workouts (£10 value)
  • Use of our friendly, private client only gym
  • All the support you need to get yourself started

Frequently Asked Questions

We train men and women that are at the beginner to intermediate stage. Those that need either our expert knowledge to get them to their goals safely and efficiently or our motivation and accountability to keep you on track. Helping you move closer and closer to your goal, every step of the way until you reach them.

It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are. We will tailor the workout to your fitness level.

If you have an injury you are better off seeing the relevant physios etc and getting the clearance to train before hand.

If you miss any sessions in the week you can make them up on a Saturday morning at 8.30am. 

Our meals are a combo of meat and veg. Chicken of different flavours, beef and white fish. Our chicken is halal. We don’t have vegetarian meals. If you are a vegetarian the price for the 14 day kickstart is £50.

You get what you pay for. We are the best at what we do and no one will offer the same level of value and support you will get from training with us.

6 The Parade, Colchester Road, RM30AQ.
We are along the parade of shops on the A12 in Harold Wood before you get to Brook Street/M25 Roundabout. Opposite the Esso petrol garage. Next to Dominos through the blue gate of Woodward building services.

No, the gym is only open by appointment only when you have sessions booked in with a trainer.

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