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We help people just like you
Overcome emotional eating and self sabotage so you can finally get the body of your dreams

Look, we get it. You’ve likely tried to lose weight in the past. All the diets you can think of, maybe you’ve been to bootcamps, tried the gym yourself, endless spin or classes or even had a personal trainer.
Most people get no results. Only 5-10% of diets succeed. But even if you do get some success, it never seems to last.
Or even if you do get some success, you struggle to see it and still see yourself in the worse light.
The reason for this is that most methods are unsustainable even if they do work and they do nothing to resolve the underlying reasons which caused you to gain weight in the first place.

Once you repair the relationship with food, exercise and yourself, getting in shape becomes easy. We help those “fat loss resistant” clients and turn them into those “lucky” people that seem to just get in shape effortlessly.
We do this by taking a holistic approach working on your mind as well as your body. Everyone knows what they SHOULD be doing, but struggle to actually do it consistently for any length of time.
Imagine being able to eat your favourite snack without demolishing the whole pack, imagine being able to manage your stress so you NEVER binge eat again, imagine actually wanting to eat healthy and exercise so its never an effort, imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see.
We combine personal training with mind coaching to create a powerful tranformation, 4x a week in our private gym and the option of 121 mind coaching creating a mind that’s as strong as your body.

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What makes different


No boring, bland diets

We are regular people just like you. We know what its like, you want to lose weight but don’t want give up your life and eat boring bland food. We teach non restrictive, balanced healthy eating habits. We can offer nutrition advice and our plans come with varied nutrition packages.


Body AND Mind

Most personal trainers will just work on the body, we used to. Until we found that some clients would self sabotage no matter what method we tried. Or no matter what they looked like, still wasn’t happy with themselves. We are now trained to help you conquer those diet demons in your head.


Our support system

Every client gets a 1 on 1 consultation every month to make sure you are on the right path and help get your head in the game. We also offer support across the social networks and whats app where we are happy to help you no matter how simple your question.


Private gym

Private gym that is only open to personal training clients working with us by appointment only. A friendly gym where everyone supports and cheers you on, no one is judging you and an amazing atmosphere of girls working hard.


We are on your side

We hate all these fads and gimmicks that take advantage of people that need help. Or those that give you dangerous advice that might work but ruin your metabolism and mental health.



We have a combined experience of 18+ years in the fitness industry and have pushed our knowledge with ongoing courses. We aren’t the personal trainers that get qualified and think they know everything over night. Nothing beats experience and results

Never fail with weight loss ever again. Set yourself up for success by learning how to with our 14 day kickstart

14 Day Kick Start

  • 6 PT sessions (£150 value)
  • 2 Metafit Workouts (£10 value)
  • Use of our friendly, private client only gym
  • All the support you need to get yourself started

Frequently Asked Questions

We train men and women that are at the beginner to intermediate stage. Those that need either our expert knowledge to get them to their goals safely and efficiently or our motivation and accountability to keep you on track. Helping you move closer and closer to your goal, every step of the way until you reach them.

It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are. We will tailor the workout to your fitness level.

If you have an injury you are better off seeing the relevant physios etc and getting the clearance to train before hand.

If you miss any sessions in the week you can make them up on a Saturday morning at 8.30am. 

Our meals are a combo of meat and veg. Chicken of different flavours, beef and white fish. Our chicken is halal. We don’t have vegetarian meals. If you are a vegetarian the price for the 14 day kickstart is £50.

You get what you pay for. We are the best at what we do and no one will offer the same level of value and support you will get from training with us.


Contact us with any question We are here to help



 6 The Parade, Colchester Road (A12), RM30AQ. Along the parade of shops opposite the Esso Garage, we are through the blue gate next to Woodward Building Services.

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