Mind Coaching

Mind Coaching is coaching your mind to get it to do what you want it to. Resolving self sabotage, emotional eating and more.
Essential for fat loss goals and overlooked by other trainers.

What can help with?


Binge eating


Emotional Eating


Boredom eating


Stress, Anxiety, Depression


Removing negative self beliefs


Building self esteem and confidence


Fears, Phobias


Performance increase

Little more about the service

We have a Mind Coaching Clinic located at the gym run by our expert Mind Coach, Shane Haron.
He works with clients on a 121 basis, groups and workshops. Either face to face or online.

If you have ever struggled to lose weight or fat loss, or you struggle to keep it off, chances are you need some mind coaching. Your body will only go as far as the mind will take it. Once you unlock your mind you’ll be able to achieve the things you couldn’t before.

Shane runs fat loss mind coaching workshops free for clients or £50 for non clients once a month. 121 sessions are £150. Discounts for personal training clients.
For more info check out www.mindcoachingclinic.com

Clients Testimonials

Growing up I have always been very cerebral and spiritual at the same time...I believe that the two effect the majority of things we aim to do in life and also effect how we deal with things that have happened to us in the past. Without going into too much detail. Perhaps like us all I had approached a juncture in my life where I felt I was holding on to mental and physical pains from years of application and dedication to the arts. I got in touch with Shane after I read that he had successfully worked with a former instructor Chris Carley...so I knew his work would be credible. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of our appointment. We discussed body at great length and then successfully tapped into the subconscious in order to what I would describe as “clean out the closet” as process I believe Shane terms as “dreamscaping”....the best way to describe this process is Shane gives you verbal tools in order for you to connect with yourself on a deeper level than we are used to in everyday life. Certain things may crop up in the weirdest of ways. However providing you are honest with the process you can take a lot from it. It helped me make peace with many things that has sent me off track and highlighted that I’m still very much in touch with ambitions I set many moons ago. The after effect of this has left me feeling a lot lighter mentally...happier ..having made peace with things that were buried in the subconscious aswell as understanding the difference between pain and genuine injury also. Shane does an amazing job of providing the tools for you to help you clear your own closet so to speak physically and mentally. Great work


Anxiety + Performance

I’ve chatted with my work colleagues today about how I reacted (or not) on the plane - I happily sat in the middle seat and we all had our trays down - I wasn’t fazed at all.
I’ve been in small lifts that were full of other people- not fazed at all.
I’d like to come & have a session with you and hopefully tackle a few of my insecurities ( not easy to own up to for a Northern gal...,) all the very best to you- you deserve it.



Omg I can’t believe it I actually went to gym today on my OWN and followed the program raychal gave me without getting all worked up and anxious. I was abit when I first got there but remembered some of the things you said. I’m so pleased you do some weird shit but it worked for me lol! I had an early night last night and said to myself this is a fresh start. I know it probably seems really weird that after one session but I always knew I was capable of doing it it’s just in my head I was all worked up and scrambled if that makes sense now I feel like a massive weight is off my shoulders and I can move forward probably why I had a headache last night. I also woke up and lost some weight so positive all round and I still can’t understand how my fingers moved without me actually doing it!!!!



K in Essex. Having spent an hour with Shane, the process was tiring but handled with care all the way through. I felt in safe hands despite covering some quite deep, personal and difficult areas of my life that had been buried quite deeply in the back of my mind. After the session it took quite a bit of emotional baggage away from me that I felt more so the day after. If you are having struggles in your life where you need to just let them go, I would recommend Shane to you.


Emotional Release

Hi sorry every time I go to text back it’s unsociable hours; I’ve had no fibromyalgia pain just general aches from exercise so I’m very happy, thank you.



Got out of bed to go down stairs and I can't believe it Shane. No really bad pain in my feet.want to run round room crying with relief.going to work. Shane I can never repay what you've done for me. I'm crying now lol xxxx



Like this is the weirdest thing since you done your desires stuff for the first time in 11 years I have not argued with peopled and I walked away. I have lost a few lb and just don’t shake with anger no more inside and at first I didn’t notice but then I sat back and even felt positive about peeling stickers off my window for 6 hours wtf. Thank you Shane I don’t know what to say I think you’re magic


Stress, Emotional release

I have had anxiety, OCD and muscle twitches for years now and after having a couple of sessions with Shane I feel so much calmer and at ease.
Every task I have is now done in my own time and my twitches have come down dramatically! 
Anyone that knows me knows how much these have got me down in the past and how much they drain me and I can happily say that they’re at a much more manageable level now.
I feel truly blessed to have this man in my life


Anxiety, OCD

I have known Shane for over 10 years ( he was my PT) and I think he really cares about his clients. Mind coaching may appear unusual, and I can understand anyone who has a degree of cynicism about it, but if you approach it in the right way with an open mind, it can be life changing. Its completely painless, you are not hypnotized or out of control - its just like talking to a friend. I would highly recommend Shane and his services - he's a super nice guy and really eager to help.


Fear and phobias

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